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Research Opportunities

(cardiovasc™ is a trademark of PharmaHungary)

We seek for researchers experienced in in vivo models for our spin-off company Pharmahungary.
We accept PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows.
Work in well equipped laboratories in a young, competitive, and enthusiastic team.

Areas of research:

  Myocardial stress adaptation, cardioprotection
  - ischemia/reperfusion, preconditioning, postconditioning
  - heat stress
  - cytokine and endotoxin stress

  Pharmacological activation of myocardial adaptive mechanisms
  Metabolic diseases (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, obestity, aging) and their interaction with myocardial adaptation
  Nitrate tolerance and it's interaction with myocardial adaptation
  NO, peroxynitrite, free radicals, and cyclic nucleotides in the myocardium
  Sensory nerves in the myocardium
  Gene expression and gene and stem cell transfer in myocardial adaptation
Facilities to access:

  Isolated Langendorff and "working" heart perfusion apparatuses (rat and mice)

In vivo rodent surgery, myocardial infarction, heart failure, gene and cell therapy of the myocardium, uremic model

  Ultrasound for Echocardiography
  Cell culture laboratory, cardiac myocytes, FACS
  Electron spin resonance spectroscope (ESR) for free radical and NO detection
  Ultracentrifuges, HPLC, Mass-spectrometry (MS)
  QPCR, DNA-Chip, Northern & Western blotting
  other basic equipments (spectrophotometer, fluorometer, densitometer, luminometer, scintillation counter, etc.)