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Publications of the Cardiovascular Research Group

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Selected major original papers

Kocsis GF, Pipis J, Fekete V, Kovacs-Simon A, Odendaal L, Molnar E, Giricz Z, Janaky T, van Rooyen J, Csont T, Ferdinandy P.
Lovastatin interferes with the infarct size-limiting effect of ischemic preconditioning and postconditioning in rat hearts.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2008
May;294(5):H2406-H2409. Download Pdf

Bencsik P, Kupai K, Giricz Z, Görbe A, Huliák I, Fürst S, Dux L, Csont T, Jancsó G, Ferdinandy P.
Cardiac capsaicin-sensitive sensory nerves regulate myocardial relaxation via S-nitrosylation of SERCA: role of peroxynitrite.
Br J Pharmacol 153:488-496 (2008)

Csont T, Bereczki E, Bencsik P, Fodor G, Görbe A, Zvara A, Csonka C, Puskás LG, Sántha M, Ferdinandy P.
Hypercholesterolemia increases myocardial oxidative and nitrosative stress thereby leading to cardiac dysfunction in apoB-100 transgenic mice.
Cardiovasc Res  76:100-109

Bereczki E, Gonda S, Csont T, Korpos E, Zvara A, Ferdinandy P, Santha M.
Overexpression of biglycan in the heart of transgenic mice: an antibody microarray study.
J Proteome Res 6:854-861

Giricz Z, Lalu MM, Csonka C, Bencsik P, Schulz R, Ferdinandy P.
Hyperlipidemia attenuates the infarct-size limiting effect of ischemic preconditioning: role of matrix metalloproteinase-2 inhibition.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther  316:154-61 (2006)

Zvara A, Bencsik P, Fodor G, Csont T, Hackler Jr L, Dux M, Fürst S, Jancsó G, Puskás LG, Ferdinandy P.
Capsaicin-sensitive sensory neurons regulate myocardial function and gene expression pattern of rat hearts: a DNA microarray study.

20:160-162 (2006)

Puskás LG, Nagy ZB, Giricz Z, Ónody A, Csonka C, Kitajka K, Hackler Jr L, Zvara A, Ferdinandy P.
Cholesterol diet-induced hyperlipidemia influences gene expression pattern of rat hearts: a DNA microarray study.
562:99-104 (2004)

Onody A, Csonka C, Giricz Z, Ferdinandy P.
Hyperlipidemia induced by a cholesterol-rich diet leads to enhanced peroxynitrite formation in rat hearts.
Cardiovasc Res
58:663-670 (2003)

Csont T, Csonka C, Ónody A, Görbe A, Dux L, Schulz R. Baxter GF, Ferdinandy P.
Nitroglycerin enhances extracardiac peroxynitrite formation but does not increase production of reactive oxygen species in the heart.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 283:H69-H76 (2002)

Ferdinandy P, Daniel H, Ambrus I, Rothery RA, Schulz R.
Peroxynitrite is a major contributor to cytokine-induced myocardial contractile failure in rat hearts.
Circ Res 87:241-247 (2000)

Csonka C, Szilvassy Z, Fulop F, Pali T, Blasig IE, Tosaki A, Schulz R, Ferdinandy P.
Classic preconditioning decreases the harmful accumulation of nitric oxide during ischemia and reperfusion in rat hearts.
Circulation 100:2260-2266 (1999)

Vigh L, Literati PN, Horvath I, Torok Z, Balogh G, Glatz A, Kovacs E, Boros I, Ferdinandy P, Farkas B, Jaszlits L, Jednakovits A, Koranyi L, Maresca B.
Bimoclomol: a nontoxic, hydroxylamine derivative with stress protein-inducing activity and cytoprotective effects.
Nat Med 3:1150-4 (1997)